Every Sunday, we get the opportunity to be lifted up by songs of praise,

worship & the Word of God.


Service Schedule



Children's Church, Nursery & Worship






Midweek Bible Study




Entering the Building

If you're newer to New Destiny Ministries of Hertford or it's your first time  visiting, be sure to stop at the welcome desk before or after the worship experiences. Fill out a connect card .



Not sure what to wear?

Don't worry about it. We aren't a "Sunday's best" type of crowd. Wear jeans and a t-shirt, or your favorite player's jersey. What we're trying to say is, dress as you like and come as you are. We're not kidding. We usually go casual but all we ask is that you wear something.



Don't worry....

We don't ask new people to stand up, do introductions, or bring you up on stage. We're just glad you're here!